SEO/PSEM, Designer/Developer, Project Manager
HTML with WordPress & CRM's

Eugene Grant-Sinclair
B.S., HHeX Int. Trade, PSEM

I specialize in PSEM/SEO, HTML Development and WordPress including eCommerce

Formal Education


About Me

I can manage small networks, develop CRM systems, develop in HTML, CSS, WordPress and my favorite manage marketing projects.  I have an academic background in in Business and International trade which aides in communication with other business professionals. I have years of experience with eCommerce systems from API integration, WordPress, OS commerce, and others.

I enjoy coordinating complex projects and making them function  I take it as a challenge to develop cost effective and efficient solutions. I believe as a developer, best practice methodology is important. I also place importance on not only knowing solutions but being able to to source the best solutions. I believe as a developer my job isn't necessarily have the answers but knowing how to find the solutions I don't know.

I'm very comfortable around server rooms, routers and networks. I have extensive experience with network backbone configurations. Comunication with CTO's, SFO's and diverse senior level operations on internal and client levels is within my wheel house.