VPS Management

I currently manage a VPS server for our clients that is hosted at Bluehost. We keep approximately 20 clients with platforms ranging from HTML and PhP to SuiteCRM and SugarCRM.

Because we use "Best Practices" we have fortunately had 0 downtime over the past 4 years.

WebCEO & Site Piont

By far my favorite tool for on-page SEO is WebCEO. I certified in the use of it years ago and I am currently taking the exam to recertify.


I use HTML on a daily basis. In my current position I use Webflow for most of HTML builds but usually some portion has to be hand coded and scripted.

I have worked in HTML for over 20 years. I use primarily Dreamweaver and Notepad++.

Webflow is a very useful development tool I have been using for the past year. I find it speeds up the production process and seems to write clean code provided coding best practices are observed.


CRM Systems

I have many years experience working and developing in WordPress. From custom themes and CMS (content Management Systems) to client portal sites, WordPress can be very useful.
I have been administrating and developing in SugarCRM for 6 years. I moved over to the SuiteCRM when it replaced the Community version and have worked in, administrated and developed in it.

I can develop most things and I have access to resources that assist if needed.


Adobe Premier, After Effects, Pinnacle


I have worked with Drupal 7 and 8. It's been several years but I am comfortable in it as an editor. I understand the systems it is built on which I believe would help me to quickly pick it back up again.


WHM, WinTel & Apple networks. I have worked in IT both as a Systems Administrator and Network Engineer on projects such as Shox Inc., The Hematology and Oncology Center in Gainesville, FL, Beverly Hills Sound Studios and many others. I have experience in mixed environments containing CentOS servers, VIOP systems, WinTel Workstations and servers as well as Apple workstations

CRM Systems

E commerce and web development services. SEO/PSEM and shopping carts as well as catalog and celebrity profile sites.

Video Editing

I have experience and still work in the following video editors
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Aftereffects
  • Pinnacle
  • Final Cut

Image Editing

I don't claim to be a great graphic designer but I have worked with PhotoShop for more than 20 years and feel quite comfortable using it.

I also have a bit of experience using Pixlr.


CIO/Online Marketing Director
Gainesville, FL

Duties include but not limited to:
  • Responsible for all Technical Staff
  • SEO & Online Marketing Project Manager
  • SEO
  • Network Administrator
  • Server & Workstation Installation, Trouble Shooting, Repair & Maintenance

Sales Manager, Testing Administrator & Technician

Manage and direct IT policy in a digital marketing firm. Responsible for IT and Development personnel.as well as network, VIOP, workstation and server administratioin.